Saturday, March 2, 2013


This has already been a busy year.  It's the 2nd of March and I have already remodeled four bathrooms.  I bought a rental property and have been renovating it and we have finally started on the addition to our personal residence.  There will not be time for an extended journey, this year.

I cannot, however, go a full year without some kind of travel.  I had a timeshare week to use, so decided to go to Playa del Carmen, since Scott couldn't come and he doesn't like Mexico.  It seemed a shame to pay for airfare and only spend one week, so I am also spending a week in an intensive Spanish program and, at least theoretically, living with a local family.  The details of that are a bit sketchy.  I'll just have to see when I get there.

Cheap flights out of San Francisco all seemed to involve spending the night in an airport somewhere, so I decided to drive to LA and fly from there.  This gives me a chance to visit friends, save some money, and arrive in Playa del Carmen during daylight without having to sleep on the floor in LA or Houston. I will fly to Cancun and take a bus to Playa del Carmen.  Fortunately, my destination is within walking distance of the bus station.

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