Sunday, November 10, 2013


The Ha-Ha Fleet with Spinnakers Flying
We pulled out of Bahia Santa Maria just after first light on the 6th of November.  Winds were much lighter than we had seen coming from Turtle Bay.  We decided to fly the spinnaker, even though we could no longer use the pole because the stay sail gear that we had been using for a downhaul had broken.  Still, we managed to fly the kite nearly all day and had a very peaceful sail.  Most of the fleet passed us before we got our kite up, but we gained some ground once we had it flying.  Although we seemed to be one gybe out of synch with the rest of the fleet, they remained in sight.

We had a tasty dinner of Tuscan chicken cutlets, carrots and salad.  It was a pleasure to cook without the boat heaving beneath my feet.  The evening was very warm.  I did my graveyard watch in capris and a light fleece with my sleeves rolled up and slept like a baby, rocked by the gentle waves, once my watch was complete.

Approaching Cabo Falso
When the 7th dawned, everyone was eager to reach Cabo.  The scenery from Cabo Falso to the harbor was spectacular and Ha-Ha boats once again materialized from all directions.  Everyone was in a hurry, so we cranked up the engine and dropped the sails when the wind died at mid-afternoon.  It came up again shortly thereafter, but we continued into port with bare poles.

The Famous Arch
Arriving in Cabo San Lucas at 4:00 PM is a very bad idea.  We had been unable to raise the organizers on the radio to receive our slip assignment, so planned to tie up at the fuel dock as we had been instructed.  When we arrived, a huge mega-yacht was occupying at least half of the fuel dock and every sport fishing boat in the harbor was jockeying for the remaining space.  We circled for some time but, being ponderous, little power boats kept cutting in front of us.  Finally, we opted to head for an empty side tie where a small sailboat, that we later learned had a broken transmission, cut between us and the dock.  It was tense for a moment until some other people on the dock walked them forward so that we would not crush them.

Michelle in Cabo

We were met by an agitated security guard, intent on making us leave, but I managed to explain to him that we had a slip somewhere and would move as soon as we determined where.  Ingemar ran off to talk to the harbormaster and we eventually landed in a nice slip close to the Baja Cantina and the restrooms.  The location does have its drawbacks, however, as the music is very loud at night.

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