Friday, October 10, 2014


The Baja Ha-Ha (cruisers rally from San Diego to Cabo San Lucas) didn't go so well for the crew of Fool's Castle, last year.  Continuing mechanical troubles left our skipper grouchy and I spent most of the time I should have spent getting to know our fellow cruisers and exploring our ports of call madly trying to repair some system of the boat or another.  While the situation later improved, I was left feeling like I needed a do-over of the Ha-Ha.

I know most people are feeling like I just got home, but I have secured a berth on my friend Don's boat, Comet, for the 2014 Baja Ha-Ha and will be leaving in just a couple of weeks.  While I have been extremely busy trying to catch up on all the deferred maintenance items around the house, I still wake up every morning feeling at a loss for what to do because I am not traveling.  I think I am even more eager to go, this year, because I am going on a well-prepared boat with friends I know will keep their cool under the pressures of cruising.  Cruising is wonderful and exciting, but it can be stressful, especially for those who feel a need to be in control.  Someone once referred to cruising as herding a boat somewhere and that's kind of how it is.  You can try to make your boat go where you like, but sometimes it has a mind of it's own and you just have to chase after it.

After the Ha-Ha, I will be continuing south to La Cruz and hope to spend a few months there and make a visit to Fool's Castle in Chiapas.  My plans remain somewhat vague.  That is what traveling is all about ...

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