Sunday, October 27, 2013


We left Marina del Rey in the late afternoon on Friday and headed south across Santa Monica Bay.  We had enough wind to sail and we enjoyed sailing for a change.  We started seeing dolphins right away and had dolphins playing in our bow wave all through the night.  In the dark of the night, dolphins appear as glowing streaks in the water.  At dusk, we rolled up the sails and motored south.

We arrived in San Diego about ten in the morning and pulled into a slip that Ingemar had arranged for us at the Cabrillo Isle Marina.  Several other boats on the dock are also participating in the Ha-Ha.  There was a party atmosphere.  Unfortunately, we were still working frantically to get the boat ready and weren't able to participate in the fun.

Scott and I worked on resurrecting the water maker.  Ingemar, Joel and Charles worked on installing dinghy wheels.  Michelle and I walked to the grocery store and bought provisions for the remainder of the trip.  Joel and I re-installed ceiling panels and the dashboard.  We were very busy for two days.

Sunday afternoon was the kickoff party for the Baja Ha-Ha.  It was a costume party with lots of goofiness and dancing.  It was a great opportunity to put aside our boat troubles for a few hours.  We aren't ready to leave tomorrow, but we will get out of here one way or the other.

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  1. Réne Canham, Ingemar Olsson, Scott Bonomi,
    Commander Barry Campbell of the US Coast Guard Auxiliary 57 sent an email to the membership about your wonderful cruise. Glad you are in the warm waters of Southern California. I will enjoy reading your Blog as you. All the best to you and crew. Thanks for posting Great photos