Wednesday, October 16, 2013


We are inching closer to our departure, or rather I should say that the time is flying by, but the tasks seem to be completed only slowly.  However, the engine is functioning and, tomorrow, we will finally leave Napa and move the boat to Vallejo, where it will be much more accessible.  We still lack a working range and lots of other important things and the boat is still too torn apart for us to begin loading aboard equipment or provisions.

I have been taking this time to prepare paperwork, devise menus and shopping lists, cook and freeze meals, clear out my closet for the house sitters, and anything else I can do without access to Fool's Castle.  Once we get the boat to Vallejo, we will meet and determine a plan of attack for completing the necessary pre-departure tasks.  Many intended upgrades will have to wait for layovers in distant ports.  Isn't fixing your boat in exotic locations what cruising is all about?  Adventure happens while one waits for parts to arrive.

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